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Join the new private community of young millionaires who are launching high-income careers, quitting their jobs, and catching the essence of entrepreneurship every single day!

AI Full Stack Web Development – MERN

Qasim Nadeem @Interact Academy recruiting committed individuals to get a chance to join an exclusive 8-week weekend-only program led by him, on AI Full Stack Web Development using MERN.

AI Full Stack MERN

The program is designed to power you to become an inspiring player of AI Coding: By the end of the training, you’ll be a high-performing, experienced, and progressive AI Full Stack Web Developer, capable of building great stuff using in-demand web technologies.

You’ll be well-prepared with a polished profile to land a job at the great tech companies, or even starting your own business might fit as a good challenge!

X I don’t care if you have a university degree.

X I don’t care if you have an amazing CV.

X I don’t care about your age.

What I care more about is your attitude, ambition, character, perspective, and true persistent drive towards developing great things on the web. I’m speaking to those people!

If you are this person, then you can apply to join the waiting list by passing our 6 application rounds (which will be explained by my student recruitment team if you join the waiting list now).

Furnished Programs For eCommerce Business

This is how you go from $0 to $1000+/month online in the first few months of 2024.

If you ever wanted to be early for something big—THIS is it.

The Coaching You Get

Our members will be trained by the industry titans who have made millions of dollars practicing what they teach.

Coding BootCamps

Our Coding Bootcamp covers full-stack web development, equipping you with essential skills in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, MongoDB, Next.js, Express.js, and the MERN stack. Plus, our exclusive modules on building multi-figure branded e-commerce stores on Shopify & WordPress from SCRATCH.

ECommerce 360 Degree

Ready-to-launch, success-checked, copy-paste eCommerce 360-degree business models include our exclusive Shopify eCommerce, TikTok Shop, and TikTok Ads Training. Plus, our hand-crafted advertising training models.

IT Trainings

Every student gets the personal coach to guide them through every step of the journey. Their job is to make sure you succeed. You will be able to ask them whatever questions come up, and jump on need calls.


Click-to-Click Model for 5-6 Figure Businesses | Exclusive to Our Close-Knit Community

asia dubai

Phase 1: START

Set up and go through all the needed grind to sow the seed of your multi-figure eCommerce business on Shopify. Handpick the winning product that is proven to sell, optimize, manage sourcing, supplier hunting, and logistics. With all the nitty-gritty of what it takes to launch a successful eCommerce business and go live—packed with expert marketing techniques that are only known by the top 1%. Your business, fully launched, from START to success!

Phase 2: RUN and GROW

Buckle up and prepare your newborn for the paid ads mode turned ON. Jog for maximizing the SALES to test the products for profitability and move to the scaling phase. Booming across all advertising channels and garnering thousands of organic views will be the process our baby will be going through.

Phase 3: SCALE Your eCommerce Business

At the exact moment, we are going to get aggressive with our marketing. One winning product on a successful store, everything beautifully profitable. Supply logistics in line. In this process, we are stepping on the accelerator, following the blueprint for the most significant 6-7 figure eCommerce businesses with click-to-click guidance. This is the time we are going to invest a big budget with profitability and scale it to a potentially multi-5-figure business. The goal will be to cover at least 60% of the ground.


Phase 1: START

Our TikTok Shop Exclusive Program is designed by sellers, for sellers, offering expert guidance for launching your eCommerce business. Our 1-on-1 and click-to-click training sessions go beyond basics, providing in-depth insights into the ins and outs of TikTok Shop.

Covering everything from product research and sourcing to store setup & registration, in the ‘START’ phase, we guide you through each step of launching your winning product on TikTok Shop, managing orders and logistics, and optimizing listings for profitability.

Phase 2: RUN and GROW

Here comes our final sprinkling of optimizations – ensuring a smooth setup and visibility of our live listing. Starts the organic promotion (only through the tried and tested strategies) of the testing products to check profitability and then narrowing down to one or two scalable products. Benchmark here is to get at least 10+ orders a day and track the profit/loss and ROI to see which product can be more profitable in the long run to reach our desired revenue in record time.

Phase 3: SCALE Your TikTok Shop

The juiciest part: as soon as the clock hits our scaling phase, we are going to have our one or two winning products, fetching us more than 10 orders a day. Everything moves quite smoothly and, of course, profitably. Here, we are going to shift into high gear and start advertising, allocating all our budget and resources to those specific winning products, potentially achieving the set revenue targets as a brand.

Students Worldwide

Quit their Jobs


Get Coached By Industry-Experts

Interact Academy is pulsated by ONE IMPACTFUL DRIVE: to transform real skills and knowledge within people passionate about their growth, and who are not merely runners when it comes to dedicating days and nights to one goal. We don’t just sit and share knowledge; we train people with an entrepreneurial mindset and the right skills that will help them build 6-7 figure businesses online. Save your seat to learn from industry titans who have made millions of dollars practicing what they teach.

Helping Doers Launch Their First Million-Dollar Business!

Learn how to start from scratch & scale an online eCommerce business today with zero dollars, zero experience & zero expertise.

Go from $0 to $1,000

Go from $1,000 to $5,000+++

START your eCommerce

GROW your eCommerce

SCALE your eCommerce

Selection of TOP AI Trainings

Half of success is knowing what to act on. Inside of Interact, you'll have access to the copy-paste learning opportunities so that you can reach the right place at the right time.

Our Result-Driven Values

Exclusive Opportunities

Interact Academy keeps its toolbox fresh, serving one-in-a-kind programs every 2-3 months. Ensuring you’ll forever be in the loop, ahead of the curve, and ready to jump on those prime opportunities that are making waves, even before the crowd catches on.

100x Better, 1% Cost

Whenever we cook up a new program, our one & only goal is to turn it into a powerhouse 100 times better than what you’d get from a university for less than 1% of the price tag.

Valued Revolution

But here’s the kicker! We’re dead set on making our online programs a solid ten times better than those high-priced masterminds and courses with a hefty $50,000+ price tag.

Lighter on Wallets, Heavier on Quality

We play the pricing game with purpose—if we can outdo the competition and still be lighter on your wallet, we’re on track to revolutionize the education game with a good old-fashioned shake-up, just as we’ve always envisioned.

1 Year = 6-7 Figure Business

But we don’t just throw you into the deep end; we’re all about hands-on guidance. Picture this: you unmute your mic, ask questions, and join our private community. Inside, our dedicated student success managers track your progress with precise timelines. And if you ever hit a roadblock, we’re just a session or call away, ready to tackle your questions or concerns. We’re here to ensure that your path to building a 6 or 7-figure business is smooth, supported, and, most importantly, successful.

One-to-One Hands-On Training

We’re all about the nitty-gritty, the practical, and the personalized. Our core value, ‘One-to-One Hands-On Training,’ is the beating heart of our approach to positioning and sales. It’s not about flashy slogans or empty promises; it’s about rolling up our sleeves and working closely with you, one-on-one, to deliver actionable strategies and steps. We’re your dedicated partner in building a solid foundation, ensuring you’re not just informed but equipped to make your business roar.

60 Mins. Webinar Worth Thousands Of Dollars!

In just 60 short minutes, you’ll uncover strategies that could supercharge your sales pipeline, potentially adding $10,000 to your bottom line. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill webinar; it’s a candid conversation that promises to transform your approach to current marketing funnels. Come on board!


In just two short months after launching my Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA), I achieved a remarkable milestone by building a six-figure yearly agency income. But the journey didn’t stop there – within just four months of inception, my agency’s monthly revenue had soared to over $30,000. This rapid and substantial growth is a testament to the effectiveness of the strategies and support I’ve received at Interact, and it’s a testament to the incredible potential within the world of SMMA!

Axel Farrow

Team Executive

Interact Academy has been an absolute game-changer for me. Before joining, I was stuck in a corporate job that left me unfulfilled. But thanks to their guidance, I’ve been able to flip my life’s script.

In just a few short months, I transformed my side hustle into a flourishing business that’s not just about making money but making a difference. It’s incredible how the right knowledge and mentorship can unlock your potential. Interact Academy isn’t just a place to learn; it’s a community of like-minded individuals who inspire and support each other.

Their refreshingly practical approach focuses on real-world strategies that cut through the noise—no fluff, no jargon—just actionable insights that get results. Trust me; this is a place where dreams meet determination, and I couldn’t be happier with the path it’s set me on.

Renesmee Thomas

Senior Data Engineer

I can’t express enough how transformative my experience at Interact has been. The knowledge and insights I’ve gained here have exceeded what I learned during my entire four-year university education. It’s as if they handed me the blueprint for a thriving business.

Kason Espinosa

Direct Communications Designer
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