AI Web Designing


What is AI Web Designing?

AI web designing involves utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to automate and enhance various aspects of the web design process. It encompasses tasks such as layout generation, content optimization, and personalized user experiences. By employing AI algorithms, websites can be created more efficiently, incorporating dynamic elements tailored to individual user preferences, thereby enhancing engagement and conversion rates.

Work Commitment

This is a 16-hour per week program—6 of those hours are spent in class, and the remaining 10 consist of independent work or pairing with classmates. Some students may need to give extra hours if they’re struggling with the material or have fallen behind.

Artificial Intelligence Class [AI Class] Training help students to grab AI core concepts and their application in web designing. AI web designer is capable of creating awesome websites layout, landing pages using AI web designing tools.


What we cover?


AI - Artificial Intelligence

  • Knowing AI
  • How AI Impacts Development
  • Exploring AI Development Tools & APIs
  • Understanding Prompt Engineering


  • Setting-up Environment
  • HTML Core Tags
  • Task: Organize the Kitchen Pantry with HTML Lists and Tables
  • Task: Creating a Digital CV with Basic HTML Elements
  • HTML Advanced Tags
  • Generating Tags using AI
  • Task: Creating a Personal Blog Page with AI


  • What is CSS for?
  • CSS Placement
  • How Cascading Works
  • Selectors and Styles
  • Taking Advantage of AI in Style Application
  • Task: Dressing Up Your Webpages with CSS Styling
  • Mastering Adaptive Web Design: Responsive Layouts and Media Queries in CSS
  • Layout Designing with FLEX and Grid
  • Task: Building Professional Website CSS Implemented using AI


  • Why JavaScript?
  • JavaScript Core Language Construct
  • Control Structures and Iteration Handling
  • Data Mgmt. using Arrays and Objects
  • Functions: Standard & Arrow Functions
  • Task: AI Recommendation System: Build a simple recommendation system using JavaScript that suggests items or content to users based on their preferences or behavior.


  • What is Bootstrap?
  • Implementing Bootstrap using AI
  • Typography
  • Images
  • Task: Build Image Gallery
  • Tables
  • Buttons
  • Carousel
  • Forms
  • Grid System
  • Task: Building Professional Website using AI atleast of 5 Pages

Trainee Success KPIs

If you follow certain KPIs, within 6 months after the training, you’ll be a person who has completed:

  • 12+ web designs (including startups)
  • 24 hours of AI web designing training
  • More than 8640 minutes practising code
  • Interview Preparation
  • Graduation certification signed by Qasim Nadeem
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