TikTok Shop | Learn to Scale a 6-7 Figure eCom Business

What is TikTok Shop?

TikTok Shop is a feature within the TikTok app, users can discover and purchase products directly from brands and creators. It serves as a marketplace for businesses to showcase their offerings through short videos, engaging with TikTok's diverse user community. Users can browse through a curated selection of items, making purchases seamlessly within the app, enhancing the platform's e-commerce capabilities.

What you'll learn

  • Understand everything about eCommerce Marketing
  • Learn TikTok Shop operations A-Z and how to use the platform to make business grow.
  • Become a TikTok Shop Expert!

Module 1: Introducing The TikTok Shop

  • How to Setup a TikTok Shop: Account Registration
  • TikTok Shop Overview: Account Management
  • What You Can't Sell on TikTok Shop
  • 3 Ways Viewers Can Purchase from Your TikTok Shop
  • TikTok Shop Back-End Walkthrough
  • Proof - Examples of TikTok Shops that are Crushing it Right Now

Module 2: Making Your Product On TikTok Shop

  • TikTok Shop Product Criteria
  • Finding the Winning TikTok Shop Products

Module 3: Suppliers For TikTok Shop

  • Product Sourcing: Finding the Supplier
  • Product Logistics Management
  • 3PL Integration: Orders Fulfillment
  • How to Dropship Directly to Customers on TikTok Shops

Module 4: TikTok Shop Promotions and Campaigns

  • How to Setup Affiliates to Promote Your Products for You
  • How to Create Videos to Promote Your Tiktok Shop Products
  • Strategy to Get Sales on a New Tiktok Shop
  • The Lazy Way to Get Millions of Views Fast
  • How to Make a Product Promo Video for Free Using Amazon Reviews
  • How to Blow Up Your Tiktok Shop Page (PROVEN Strategy)
  • How to Fully Automate Your Tiktok Shop
  • Get Tons of TikTok Shop Sales WITHOUT Ever Making a Video

Module 5: Cashflow & Shipping, Getting Paid, and Linking Accounts

  • How to Get Cheap or Even Free Shipping Supplies
  • How to Make More in Your eCommerce Business and Pay Less Taxes

Module 6: How to Open Multiple Tiktok Shops (The RIGHT WAY)

Course Covers

TikTok Shop Launch
Product Hunting
Product Sourcing
Reaching right audience

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