Blogging Master Class | Affiliate Marketing Mastery

What you'll learn:


Intro to SEO
Keyword Research
Competitor Analysis
Site Audit
OnPage SEO
Site Architecture
Content Management
OffPage SEO
Web 2.0 Profiles
Social Profiles
Link Building
Technical SEO


What is blogging?
Types of blogs
1. News Blogs
2. PR Blogs
3. Knowledge Blogs
4. Authority blogs
What is affiliate marketing?
Knowing affiliate networks
How much we can earn by creating an affiliate site
How to build a 1000$+ worth of business by blogging
Which category to blog on?
Finding blogging niche
Keyword Research
Developing a content schedule
Creating authority using blogs
How to become an authority blogger in your niche
More Ways of monetizing a blog
Real-life examples of successful blogs and reverse engineering their tactics

MASTER online blogging course!
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