Digital Marketing 360 Degree

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Digital Marketing Course

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Work Commitment

This is a 15-hour per week program. Six of those hours are spent in class and the remaining 9 consist of independent work or pairing with classmates.

Some students may need to put in extra hours if they’re struggling with material or have fallen behind. Students who are regularly putting in more than 20-25 hours per week on average should reach out to their Instructors for coaching.

In-class hours:

  • 3 hours twice a week or 2 hours thrice a week
  • Required active engagement in live Zoom classrooms with video on

Out-of-class hours:

  • Must be at least 9 hours
  • Must include flexible, mid-week hours to pair with partners or work with groups
  • This is also when you’ll make time to meet with our program staff to discuss performance, coaching on curriculum, and learning support

This 12-week program is divided into two parts: a Junior phase and a Senior phase. It’s required that Junior students pair program together and that Senior students work in teams. Because of this, students must work with one another to coordinate schedules and do not have the option of doing all out-of-class work on weekends.

Course Content

What is Marketing?
Digital Marketing and Its Benefits
Inbound and Outbound Marketing
Inbound: SEO & Social Profiles Mgmt.
Outbound: Advertisement on Social Media, Google & YouTube
Website Creation with Shopify/WordPress



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